Safe investing in a new economy

Welcome to Safe Harbor Financial Services

At Safe Harbor Financial Services, our mission in financial planning is to offer sound, accurate advice that will provide individuals they need to make good solid decisions on their investment and retirement portfolios. Jim Byrd's proven record of 32 years in helping his clients meet their retirement objectives has built Jim a name that has made him recognized in the business community of one of integrity and credibility.

His trusted advice has built him a loyal customer base of hundreds that have remained loyal. His customers have become his friends. In today's environment of our unstable market both here and abroad, Jim's message is one of safety and growth with little, if any, market risk.

His guarantee is you will never run out of money before you run out of life. Safe Harbor Financial has been recognized as the leader along the Gulf Coast and among financial advisors as one of the best.

Jim Byrd is heard weekly on Tuesday's at 10: 05 am on WABF 1220 AM on your dial, and FM Talk Radio 106.5 Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM on "Safe Investing in a Changing Economy". Safe Harbor Financial Services has been written about in Bloomberg Business Week, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek as well as other larger online publications.

Come and be our next happy customer.